Paul Hunter. 
I am a priest and amateur theologian.

I serve as Canon for Mission at the Cathedral of All Saints in Albany, NY. My goal is to make Christ known, through word and deed, in the City of Albany, especially among the poor and marginalized.

I went to Thomas Aquinas College, where I received a good basic grounding in Thomistic theology, and Trinity School for Ministry, where I studied for the priesthood.

My main theological interest is probably best described as the intersection between systematic theology, the life of prayer and mission/ evangelism.
Connected with that, I have an ongoing fascination with inter-religious dialogue, especially with Zen Buddhism.

I write a lot, mostly about theology, so this is a place for me to post my unsolicited theological and spiritual reflections with the rest of the world.

I am, so far as I know, an orthodox, Nicene Christian, of the Anglican variety. I do, however, link to various blogs and sites which come from all sorts of different points of view theologically.  Just because there is a link here does not mean I agree with everything (or even much) that a site contains, just that I think it is interesting and worth reading.


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